Selling e-liquids in the EU?

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Are you on top of all legislation applicable to your e-liquid? We are, and we can help making your product compliant. We can assess whether the product complies with the European Chemicals regulations (REACH, CLP, and PIC) and the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). We can also determine if it complies with relevant guidelines and standards from AFNOR (French standardisation body) and CEN (European standardisation body).

We can determine if your mixture is hazardous and guide you how to communicate the risks and ensure safe handling by your customers. We can provide you with the required labelling information and create your safety data sheets. Alternatively, we can review your own created labels and safety data sheets to assess if all requirements are fulfilled.

If your final product is flammable, it imposes certain obligations regarding labelling and transport. We can determine if your liquid is flammable.

We can also assess whether your bottle and packaging are appealing to children and if your bottle will start leaking under mechanical stress.

If you are an importer or manufacturer of e-liquids, you have certain legal obligations. We can help determine if you must notify or register some of the compounds in your e-liquid with the European Chemicals Agency and we can do the notification/registration for you.

If you must notify your product under TPD, we can also be of assistance, both when it comes to the notification process and to the product development and labelling and packaging design.

3 steps to success!

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We evaluate each ingredient of your liquid to check if all substances (CAS numbers) are suitable for vaping – both from a human health and from a regulatory perspective.

The price per liquid (SKU) is 79 USD (up to 20 substances). This assessment should be done before you consider any other analysis or notification.

twoAfter approval of the substances, we carry out a hazard evaluation of your final liquid (for FREE), we need to know your expected markets, your role and responsibility, the intended use of your liquid and the expected sales volumes etc. Based on this we can estimate the extent of the process and your cost of regulatory compliance.

The price varies from 0 to 2000 USD per SKU depending on product type and regulatory requirements. The price of each service we provide, will be detailed in the quotation.

threeWe conduct all required laboratory testing, either in our in-house laboratory facility or using external contract laboratories. We generate technical files and dossiers and submit notifications and registrations to relevant competent authorities. We also provide you with required labelling details and safety data sheets in any European language of interest.

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